About fantasy golf
Fantasy golf is not the first fantasy sport that would spring to mind, when you think of fantasy sports. This is because most of those fantasy sports tend to be football, basketball, or hockey related games. Nonetheless, fantasy golf is now possible, and it is quite a unique fantasy sports game to bet on. The rules regarding each golf competition change from site to site, although DraftKings has a relatively simple format you can follow.

How to play fantasy golf
Players must begin by drafting 6 golfers into their stable. They are given a salary cap to do this. As long as players stay within the salary cap range, they will have no problems. Players will then score points on every hole played for eagles, birdies and pars. They will also lose points for bogeys, double bogeys, and more, just like in real golf. Players will also score points depending on where their golfers have finished in the tournaments, as well as for streaks. The idea is to score as many points as possible with your 6-golfer stable.

How to win real money
Golfing contents begin every single day at most fantasy golf domains. Generally speaking, the higher up the leader-board you finish in each daily league, the more cash you will win. Over $20 million has been paid out to fantasy golf players since the game first went online, and the use of daily leagues mean that you can come and go as you please. There is also the chance of playing free fantasy golf contests at sites like DraftKings, and you can still win real money with these.

Play at Draftkings

In the world of fantasy sports no other website can come close to Draftkings. This ultra large fantasy sports website has something for every sports fan. No matter if you are into golf, baseball, football, hockey or something else you can find it here. There are many different opportunities to put together your dream team and compete against others for some serious cash. This year more than $400,000,000 is expected to be handed out via this amazing fantasy sport website.

Draftkings Offers Large and Small Contests

No matter how much money you are looking to wager on Draftkings you can find a contest that is the right size for you. If you are a serious fantasy sports player then you can get in on some seriously large pots. But if you just want to spend a few bucks and enjoy your time while on the website you can do that as well. So no matter what type of player you are you will find that Draftkings is the place for you. This is great for those new to the world of fantasy sports because they can get their feet wet without spending a ton of money to do so.

Draftkings Is Coming To The U.K.

Right now is only available in the United States and Canada. But thanks to the very demand those who live in the UK will get to enjoy the Draftkings platform starting at the end of this year! This is great news not only for the UK but for everyone that loves to play fantasy sports. Once the UK is allowed to join the website it will bring in tons of more players with a lot more cash. This will give players even more chances at winning some serious cash. So if you live in the UK and you enjoy playing fantasy sports you should be getting ready for some serious play. However, before you join, it is always a good idea to read a review and find out if you can claim any bonuses. Value Town has a great Draftkings review explaining in detail software, banking options, customer support and bonuses.